Tour Gallery

Strawberry Park Tours & Travel began to offer various types of tours specifically designed and offered to share one of the most beautiful rainforests in Malaysia with its visitors.

Gunung Brinchang Tour

This guided tour is done by using the Land Rover to reach the mountainous terrain to the top of the Mount Brinchang located 2000m

Discovery Cameron Tour

An exciting and adventurous way to discover Cameron Highlands in 4×4 Land Rover, you will enjoy the panoramic views of the highest mountain, Gunung

Countryside Tour

For any newcomer or avid fan to this beautiful hill station, this is a fun and relaxing way to see all the highlights of

BOH Tea Plantation Tour

This is a tour for those looking for a short trip to the main attraction of the highlands. We will take you to the

Mossy Forest Walk

The ‘Semai’, also known as ‘Orang Asli’ are one of the largest indigenous ethnic groups in Peninsular Malaysia. They are known for kind nature,

The Last Rainforests Walk

The preservation of the worlds’ rainforests and its inhabitants has become a major global environmental issue. Their future and that of the planet are